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Social Media and Fake Apps/Websites Scams 

social media

Scammers know that social media, apps, and websites are an unavoidable part of the people surrounding them. Worldwide, to date there are more than 3 million social media users according to oberlo, approximately 250 million mobile apps are downloaded by users (as per decibel), and around 1.88 billion websites are accessed from the year 1991 to 2021 (by All this is opening gates for scammers to:

  • Use social media to steal information by creating fake profiles on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.
  • Then, they will run multiple types of advertisements, offers, with the only purpose of attracting you to pay them money in the form of cryptocurrencies.  
  • And if they feel you are still not convinced, then offering you financial relief such as rebates, cashback through fake shopping websites as per your choices and preferences will be their next move.  

Besides all the above, they won’t hesitate in sharing a bond of love with you so that you feel attracted to their sense of humor, looks, kindness, and intelligence. Thus, instead of being a victim to these illegitimate online dating and romance scams, social media, or fake websites/apps, better avoid those scammers by not accepting their requests online. Do check if the web pages or mobile applications you are reviewing/scrolling down are one-hundred percent legit and true as per the laws or not. 

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